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2016-17 Women's Basketball Schedule
  • * Conference Event
  • % Scrimmage
  • ^ Exhibition
  • Home events are in bold
Schedule for 2016-17 Women's Basketball
 DayTime OpponentScore Record 
9  vs. TBANo Team Score Details
 ICCAC scrimmage
16  vs. TBANo Team Score Details
 Kirkwood scrimmage
23  vs. TBANo Team Score Details
 Swicc scrimmage
 26:00 PM vs. Lincoln CollegeW-57-551-0 Details
 96:00 PM vs. Carl Sandburg CollegeW-74-592-0 Details
 11  vs. St. Louis Community CollegeL-64-462-1 Details
 121:00 PM vs. Jefferson CollegeL-77-752-2 Details
 132:00 PM vs. Grand View UniversityW-65-623-2 Details
 185:00 PM vs. Waubonsee CCW-67-484-2 Details
 191:00 PM vs. Triton CollegeW-56-545-2 Details
 236:00 PM vs. South AustraliaW-49-426-2 Details
261:00 PM vs. Marshalltown CCW-69-517-2 1-0Details
272:00 PM vs. Little Priest Tribal CollegeW-55-27Photo Gallery8-2 2-0Details
 32:00 PM vs. State Fair CCL-74-678-3 Details
 55:30 PM vs. Lincoln CollegeW-55-399-3 Details
125:30 PM vs. Marshalltown CCL-59-539-4 2-1Details
 146:30 PM vs. Jefferson CollegeW-64-5810-4 Details
 72:00 PM vs. Carl Sandburg CollegeW-54-5111-4 Details
 105:30 PM vs. State Fair CCL-78-4911-5 Details
141:00 PM vs. Iowa Central CCL-51-4011-6 2-2Details
186:00 PM vs. Southwestern CCW-68-6512-6 3-2Details
211:00 PM vs. Iowa Lakes CCW-63-6013-6 4-2Details
256:00 PM vs. Kirkwood CCL-79-4413-7 4-3Details
 "Pack the Gym Night"
281:00 PM vs. North Iowa Area CCW-67-48Photo Gallery14-7 5-3Details
 "White Out"
15:30 PM vs. Ellsworth CCW-62-5215-7 6-3Details
41:00 PM vs. Des Moines Area CCL-76-6715-8 6-4Details
 "Black Out"
 76:00 PM vs. Grand View UniversityW-68-57Photo Gallery16-8 Details
 "Girls in Pink"
111:00 PM vs. Iowa Central CCW-69-6017-8 7-4Details
155:30 PM vs. Southwestern CCW-63-5318-8 8-4Details
181:00 PM vs. Iowa Lakes CCW-75-5919-8 9-4Details
 "Fan Appreciation Night"
225:30 PM vs. Kirkwood CCL-85-3719-9 9-5Details
251:00 PM vs. North Iowa Area CCL-102-7519-10 9-6Details
16:00 PM vs. Ellsworth CCW-57-4320-10 10-6Details
 "Sophomore Night"
41:00 PM vs. Des Moines Area CCL-91-4120-11 10-7Details
7  vs. Southwestern CCL-61-5220-12 10-8Details
 Region 11 Quaterfinals
 9  vs. TBA Details
 Regional 11 Semifinals
 11  vs. TBA Details
 Regional 11 Finals