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2016 Volleyball Schedule
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Schedule for 2016-17 Volleyball
 DayTime OpponentScore Record 
 279:00 AM vs. Highland CC-IllinoisL-22-25,25-15,25-20,25-130-1 Details
 SCC Tri
 1:00 PM vs. Saint Ambrose UniversityL-25-11,25-19,25-190-2 Details
 SCC Tri
317:00 PM vs. Iowa Central CCL-25-18,25-20,25-100-3 0-1Details
 16:00 PM @ Carl Sandburg CollegeL-25-16,25-15,25-120-4 Details
 77:00 PM vs. Indian Hills CC-OttumwaL-25-11,25-17,25-90-5 Details
147:00 PM @ Iowa Lakes CCL-21-25,25-19,25-13,25-190-6 0-2Details
 1712:00 PM @ Marshalltown CCL-25-11,19-25,25-20,25-210-7 Details
 197:00 PM @ Saint Ambrose UniversityL-25-15,23-25,25-21,25-150-8 Details
217:00 PM @ Southwestern CCL-20-25,25-23,25-17,19-25,15-110-9 0-3Details
287:00 PM vs. Kirkwood CCL-25-3,25-13,25-160-10 0-4Details
 29:00 AM vs. Culver-Stockton CollegeW-25-18,25-191-10 Details
 Culver Stockton JV Tournament
 10:00 AM vs. Central Methodist UniversityW-25-18,25-172-10 Details
 Culver Stockton JV Tournament
 1:00 PM vs. Stephens CollegeW-25-15,25-143-10 Details
 Culver Stockton JV Tournament
 2:00 PM vs. Central Methodist UniversityW-25-22,25-214-10 Details
 Culver Stockton JV Tournament
 37:30 PM vs. Marshalltown CCL-25-18,21-25,19-25,25-22,15-9Photo Gallery4-11 Details
56:30 PM @ Des Moines Area CCL-25-10,25-12,25-144-12 0-5Details
 74:00 PM vs. Culver-Stockton CollegeW-18-25,25-17,25-19,25-225-12 Details
 SCC Volleyball Classic
 8:00 PM vs. Lincoln CollegeL-22-25,26-24,25-14,25-205-13 Details
 SCC Volleyball Classic
 89:00 AM vs. Robert Morris University-SpringfieldL-25-13,25-23,25-14Photo Gallery5-14 Details
 SCC Volleyball Classic
 11:00 AM vs. Culver-Stockton CollegeW-26-24,25-22,25-16Photo Gallery6-14 Details
 SCC Volleyball Classic
 107:00 PM vs. Carl Sandburg CollegeL-26-24,22-25,25-21,21-25,15-56-15 Details
127:00 PM vs. Ellsworth CCW-17-25,26-24,25-23,25-207-15 1-5Details
 141:00 PM vs. Monroe CollegeL-25-13,25-16,25-107-16 Details
 Reiver Festival Tournament
 3:00 PM vs. Iowa Western CCL-25-9,25-12,25-137-17 Details
 Reiver Festival Tournament
 1510:00 AM vs. Independence Community CollegeL-25-21,25-18,25-237-18 Details
 Reiver Festival Tournament
 2:00 PM vs. Iowa Lakes CCL-25-22,25-22,25-237-19 Details
 Reiver Festival Tournament
197:00 PM @ North Iowa Area CCL-25-18,24-26,25-17,25-237-20 1-6Details
 213:00 PM vs. Lincoln CollegeL-25-19,23-25,25-9,22-25,15-107-21 Details
 Lincoln College Tournament
 5:00 PM vs. College of DuPageL-30-28,25-18,28-267-22 Details
 Lincoln College Tournament
 229:00 AM vs. Frontier CCW-25-21,25-18,25-238-22 Details
 Lincoln College Tournament
 11:00 AM vs. Highland CC-IllinoisL-25-23,25-13,25-218-23 Details
 Lincoln College Tournament
 247:00 PM vs. Saint Ambrose UniversityL-25-22,25-22,25-13Photo Gallery8-24 Details
267:00 PM vs. Northeast Community CollegeL-29-27,25-8,22-25,25-12Photo Gallery8-25 1-7Details
 2912:00 PM @ Morton CollegeW-25-14,25-16,28-30,25-199-25 Details
 Robert Morris University Tri
 2:00 PM @ Robert Morris UniversityL-25-20,25-19,25-219-26 Details
 Robert Morris University Tri
 317:00 PM @ Indian Hills CC-OttumwaL-25-20,25-11,25-139-27 Details
27:00 PM @ Kirkwood CCL-25-14,25-19,25-89-28 1-8Details
 Region XI A Semi Final